St. Martin’s Church is guided by dedicated laity that comprise the Vestry.

  • Chris Delaney, Rector’s Warden
  • Fran Pettit, Parish Warden
  • Al Murphy
  • Steve Parker
  • Carisa Gring
  • Joe Piergiovanni

Currently, St. Martin’s Vestry is collaborating with Vestry of Christ Church, Ithan to work through details of a joint covenant between the two churches.

Meeting Date: February 21, 2019 – 7:00PM

The two vestries met on the above date at St. Martin’s Church. The meeting began with a shared Scripture passage and opening prayer. January financial reports were shared electronically before the meeting. An opportunity was given for vestry members to ask questions about the reports. The focus of the meeting was the formation of a profile committee and the setting of a timeline for the work of the profile committee and eventual search for a Rector to serve both churches. The following people have been commissioned to serve on the Profile Committee: Amy Harper and Pierce Eckhart from CCI Vestry; Porter Gould and Mary Wilson from CCI congregation; Fran Pettit and Joe Piergiovanni from SM Vestry; Matt Wynn and Brian Penny from SM congregation.

Jacqui North presented a proposed timeline for the profile / search. We seek to have a profile completed by the end of April. Applications would be received from May through July. Screening, phone interviews, developing a short list of candidates and visitation to candidates’ parishes would occur from July through September. A call would be extended sometime in September, negotiations completed and announced to congregation in October. Preparations to welcome a new Rector would then occur and new Rector would be in place by the end of 2019. While this is an ambitious plan, both vestries decided to move forward with a willingness to be flexible and make adaptations along the way. There was some discussion about engaging a diocesan consultant. Fr. John is in the process of contacting The Rev. Bob Tate about this. Canon Arlette Benoit-Joseph, the Canon for Transition Ministry, has been briefed about our partnership and plans moving forward and has offered her support in any way she can. She will be taking a two-page profile with her to a regional transition officers’ meeting to let people know about the upcoming call opportunity for our two churches. The first meeting of the profile committee will be announced soon.