Welcome to Music Ministry at St. Martin’s Church! Music is an integral part of worship at SMC.  Congregational singing, the SMC Choir, and the Children’s Choir are the cornerstones of music programming at SMC.

The SMC Choir is comprised of 2 professional singers, and a few committed volunteers.  We welcome anyone to join the choir, no matter their musical background.  Singing in the choir is an excellent opportunity to participate in the worship of the church, as well as to learn music-reading and basic choral singing skills.  The Choir rehearses every Sunday from 9-9:50am.

The Children’s Choir of SMC performs a few times throughout the year. The Music Ministry works with our Formation Director to find anthems and songs that augment the children’s learning and understanding of the Bible and of Christ’s works. The Children’s Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings, at the discretion of the Formation Director and the Director of Music.

We also welcome instrumentalists of all ages to perform alongside the choir, or as soloist during our services. There is room for everyone in the Music Ministry at St. Martin’s! 

If you are interested in participating in the Music Ministry, or for more information about any of our programs, please email the Director of Music, Emily Watkins, at music@stmartinsradnor.org